3 new year resolutions for your creative enterprise

Happy New Year to all our customers and blog followers!

We hope you’ve had a well earned rest and are now raring to go with your creative endeavours in 2015.

Even if you’re not keen on setting resolutions for your personal life, it can be fun and a worthwhile exercise to set them for your professional activities.

There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with a massive list of overly ambitious and unrealistic plans for the year (although perhaps you will make your first million by the end of 2015?), keep them straightforward, limit them to 3 resolutions and allow yourself the whole year to set about achieving them.

You’ll have a fair idea about the resolutions that will be most relevant to your creative enterprise this coming year but here are a few suggestions:

1. If it’s broken fix it
The start of the year is the best time to take stock of all the things in your business that add value to what you do and enhance your enterprise and to identify all the things that you need to flush out of the business that are blocking your way to success.

Think about all the things that caused you headaches last year. Whether this is a dodgy printer, a noisy unreliable laptop, a tricky supplier or customer if you fix some of these ‘broken’ elements in your business early on in 2015 you should avoid the same problems arising again.

2. Strategic ‘me time’
In most instances in the creative sector, you are your business so you need to look after your most precious asset.
Did you give yourself a break last year? Did you manage to get away for a short holiday but ended up taking your work with you?

It’s difficult to get away from a small business for some essential ‘me time’ especially in the early years of starting up but by removing yourself from the day to day and doing something different if only for a short time, you are allowing yourself to recharge and even consider your business from an alternative angle.
Schedule this time in to your work calendar now, put a big ME TIME note on some dates, especially if you can predict when this time will be available to you. You’ll thank yourself for it later.

3. No one is an island
If you mostly work in blissful isolation in your studio, or in a bubble in your office, it might be time to consider shaking things up a bit by spending some time with other people from your sector or more interestingly, people from totally different sectors all together. There are dozens of Meetup groups out there for all interests and sectors, Enterprise Nation put on loads of networking events and useful sessions for entrepreneurs and it’s very cheap to become a member, depending on what you fancy there will be a group for you.

A fresh perspective on a business issue can be priceless and will save you money if it means you come up with a solution. Plus most people are very intrigued by the businesses and craft of designer/makers, artists, creative professionals, and you never know you may meet some potential customers along the way.


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