About MyCake

Not everybody is a finance guru

MyCake is an online bookkeeping and benchmarking tool offering tailored support to creative businesses. The company was formed in 2007 by Sarah Thelwall, consultant and strategist in the Creative Industries.

MyCake offers small creative businesses and arts organisations solutions to better manage their finances and benchmark their financial data against their peers in the industry.

MyCake is accessible, simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for anyone from artists to finance officers. We know 
that not everybody is a finance guru, so we’re here to help you at any stage of your business or financial year.

The MyCake team works closely with award winning accounting software provider KashFlow to offer a world-class service. MyCake is based upon a benchmarking system, Prime Numbers, which has operated for over 20 years.

Sarah’s goal is simple: “I really want to change the way the Creative Industries handles finance.” Her experience in the creative sector, combined with two decades’ worth of development work by Prime Numbers, has resulted in MyCake’s innovative benchmarking solutions, suited to smaller businesses and the culture sector.

Please browse the MyCake website or, for more information, contact MyCake Support on support@mycake.org or 0845 6530120.


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