MyCake’s ACE NPO 2011-12 Data Dashboard: Leo Sharrock of The Audience Agency

Leo Sharrock, Head of Data Strategy, at The Audience Agency focuses on helping arts organisations gain insight from their audience data. We invited Leo to take a look at the ACE NPO data dashboard tool designed by MyCake, to allow quick and easy analysis of the 2011-2012 Arts Council England data compiled by National Portfolio Organisations.

Listen to Leo’s insights in this video below:

Key points that Leo makes whilst playing with the data in the dashboard tool:

  • The dashboard looks at financial and audience data
  • Leo picks Theatres with a turnover of over £900,000 in the South East to compare to the national average and discovers that the percentage of total income from ‘earned’ sources was higher for this group (68.9%) than for the national average across all regions and all art forms (49.3%)
  • Leo then picks a single organisation, enters the unique reference number and compares this single organisation with a scenario and the national average. In this case the example organisation has an earned income of 70.3% which is higher than the Yorkshire sample Leo’s picked as the second comparator set
  • This offers a simple, flexible and meaningful set of benchmarks
  • It also allows you to look at the breakdown of income and expenditure so that you can look at things like the return on investment for marketing spend
  • What Leo likes about the tool is that it is a user friendly version of a pivot table … no specialist expertise required!
  • It makes deriving simple and relevant benchmarks easy for anyone to do
  • It offers a contextualisation of your KPI’s
  • This is a ringing endorsement of the collection of this data by ACE

Above all this tool has been designed for arts organisations and cultural professionals to have a go with, so please do go and have a play, you can’t break it!

Existing subscribers of Culture Benchmark can log in to start using the dashboard (full free access). For non-subscribers, you can try the free version (which has less functionality) or subscribe for £50 to see the full version:

The ACE NPO data dashboard tool

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