Are you in the mood for bookkeeping?

We are seeing quite a few new sign ups for MyCake book keeping… are creatives getting their systems in order during the summer? Well done to them! It’s got us thinking – how do creative entrepreneurs get themselves in the mood for doing their books?

We’ve spoken to a few people that we know and found out what they do below:

“I get my iTunes music up just before I get the receipts out  and start printing off invoices. I search for any songs with money in the title, I get to listen to: Money by Pink Floyd, Money don’t matter 2 night by Prince, She works hard for the money by Donna Summer,  Mo money Mo problems by Notorious BIG and Money (That’s what I want) by The Beatles.”

Lauren Davies, Red Lantern

“I  divert calls to the answerphone, it helps if its raining outside, I make myself a black tea and then I get my printer fired up to print off everything I need from emails and from my files and sort it all into date order and then I get stuck in.”

Matt Williams, Kaboodle Lettings

“I tend to do my book keeping in the evenings or at weekends I might look up a tasty recipe to cook for my dinner and then think of the meal as my incentive at the end of the work. If its too good a recipe or if I’m really hungry it sometimes back fires on me though and I spend all my time in the kitchen!”

Ben, Architect

“Distractions are lethal for me if I’m settling down to update my books, I’ve got to have everything I need in front of me and hours of free time ahead of me so it’s got to be a day with no meetings or appointments. I have my earphones in but the music is never too distracting, nothing uptempo. I sometimes get my accountant to send me a prompt to do my accounts with lots of notice before the filing deadlines – having this reminder from an ‘authority figure’ is often enough to get me in the mood.”

Frances, Graphic designer

Have you got any book keeping rituals or tips for getting motivated to do your accounts that you would be happy to share with us? Leave them in the comments below.

If you would like to give MyCake book keeping a go because you are one of those creatives who is getting your finances in order this summer sign up here for a 2 month free trial

We are going to start a series of these asking around our peers type posts where we pool suggestions and shared advice together for the MyCake community to tap into. This is the start of silly summer fridays blog posts so look out for more!

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