Arts Council England open application process for NPOs

The next round of funding for National Portfolio Organisations (NPOs) is open for applications. From now until 17 March 2014 the Arts Council England application process is accepting submissions from UK organisations for the next three years of funding streams for the period 2015 – 2018.

In the announcement yesterday from ACE, Chief Executive Alan Davey said:

‘At the heart of this investment strategy is the desire to retain ambition, risk and excellence in the arts and culture sector in the next three years.

‘We’ll support an eclectic range of artists and organisations whose work, in different ways, will be relevant and valued by everyone, everywhere in England. We must keep the sector resilient and ensure art and culture retain their central place in this country’s way of life.’

There will be no promises made or guarantees of set funding amounts for the three year period. Organisations will become part of the portfolio for three years, although ACE will only be able to confirm levels of funding for 2015/16. Funding levels for 2016/17 and 17/18 will be subject to the grant-in-aid settlement that they receive.

Overall investment plans for Arts Council England in the period 2015 – 2018 have also been set out as follows.

The arts budget for 2015/16 includes three main funding streams:

  • National portfolio for arts organisations programme budget of £271 million of grant-in-aid and up to £60 million of National Lottery funding
  • an increase to the Grants for the arts budget to £70 million Lottery funding to support individual artists, community and cultural organisations
  • a Strategic fund budget of £127 million to support the wider development of arts organisations, participants and audiences across the England

The museums budget for 2015/16 will also include three main funding streams:

  • Major partner museums (MPM) programme budget of investment will increase to £21.5 million per annum in 2015/16 to encourage a greater geographical spread
  • in keeping with arts funding, the museums strategic budget will work alongside MPM funding to target particular challenges, opportunities or gaps
  • for the first time a new open access grants fund will invite applications from museums to support diversity and the development of resilience in the sector at a time of enormous change.


Don’t forget that over on the Culture Benchmark pages we have quite a few resources that may assist with your NPO bid preparation including a free ACE-RFO/NPO benchmarking data analysis tool!

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