Are Yorkshire’s Arts Funding models fit for the future?

In this this datacast Sarah Thelwall and Anamaria Wills, CEO of CidaCo the specialist training and consultancy company working in the cultural sector and beyond, discuss arts data from the region of Yorkshire and Humber (we were sitting in Leeds when we recorded this). This is using the ACE NPO data dashboard tool designed by MyCake which allow quick and easy analysis of the 2011-2012 Arts Council England data compiled by National Portfolio Organisations.

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Key learnings from this deeper look at the 2011-2012 Arts Council survey data contained within the ACE NPO dashboard tool:

  • The Yorkshire sample is 101 organisations across all art forms and they have an average turnover of £900,000 in 2011-12
  • The Core Earned Income is fractionally above the national average
  • This cluster is less dependent on ACE than the national average and as a region Yorkshire & Humber are moving away from the model of thirds
  • There’s a bit of work to do on the rest of earned income but still strong
  • Sponsorship & Donations are low but remarkably close to the national average and given that sponsorship and donation figures tend to be skewed by London this is probably better than it looks
  • Local Authority funding is healthy but below national average
  • Yet ‘other’ public grants are high … would be interesting to know what is behind this figure
  • Yorkshire is doing well but can do better, particularly if we are to diminish dependency on ACE
  • Can then split down the data into art forms and one way to look at this would be to see how different visual arts and theatre are in their business models
  • This shows some significant differences … whilst earned income is definitely lower it is still pretty strong on earned income in Yorkshire & Humber … Yorkshire (19.9%) is sitting on the visual arts average (19.3%) nationally … not bad going

The ACE NPO data dashboard has been designed for arts organisations and cultural professionals to have a go with, so please do go and have a play, you can’t break it!

Existing subscribers of Culture Benchmark can log in to start using the dashboard (full free access). For non-subscribers, you can try the free version (which has less functionality) or subscribe for £50 to see the full version:

The ACE NPO data dashboard tool

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Have you have any interesting insights into your region or organisation’s funding models? Please share in the comments below.

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