Au revoir et bonne chance!

We recently met up with MyCake’s Marion for a farewell, but not goodbye, lunch.


l to r: Marion, Lauren, Sarah and Gill.

Marion started working with MyCake in 2007 as the User Support Guru for the MyCake bookkeeping system. Marion has contributed to making MyCake personable. No doubt many of you will have had an email or phone chat with her over the years, calling on her expert advice and guidance.

It’s no secret that MyCake is a mixing bowl of several talents and small business owners. Marion is the brains behind Marion Gillet_Design Management, a consultancy service for inventors, illustrators, designers and other creative professionals looking to develop products.

Marion specialises in supporting small creative business owners with understanding and learning how to manage the manufacturing and licensing elements of their enterprise.

She imparts some great tips in her latest newsletter and also delivers workshops on these topics. Marion will be running a workshop on Licensing in November. More details here:


Check out Marion’s Blog:

And the Marion Gillet website:


Although Marion is no longer working behind the scenes at MyCake we will be keeping up to date with all that Marion offers the Creative Industries as she is an expert resource for all you creatives out there who are looking to develop your design business.

“I feel very proud of what I have learnt and achieved by being part of the MyCake team and community. Be sure to hear from me via the MyCake blog or newsletter and get in touch if you think I can help with your business.”


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