Barbara Schmidt – Jewellery Books

“Jewellery is a media for communication” states Barbara Schmidt on her website – specifically Barbara is interested in the sending of jewellery as gifts disguised inside books or on a postcard.

We love the ingenuity behind the Guardian Angel Book and Monthrings – within the pages of the books that can be sent out as gifts or purchased as a unique treat, are versatile and fun rings by assorted international jewellery designers. In a Monthrings book there are 12 rings, a ring for each month of the year – how fabulous!

The Postcardrings appeal to the more DIY jewellery wearers among us as they are sent through the post in an envelope and ‘awoken to life through the receiver’ – that would be a great bit of mail to receive on your doormat.

With these product ideas we love the innovation and combination of book and product design with good-looking functional jewellery.


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