Blast Theory – Part 1 – Interview with Matt Adams

We visited Matt Adams of Blast Theory at their HQ in Portslade, UK to catch up on where the arts organisation is currently at with their business model and to ask what have been some of the interesting challenges on the way to success.


Here is Matt telling us a bit about their experiments with commercial representation:

It was fascinating to hear how the traditional commercial business routes are, for arts organisations, at odds with the artistic integrity and creative production that goes into the work of interactive and performative inspired projects such as those of Blast Theory. Different approaches are required in terms of making money from what artists do, there is no one clear cut solution.

In Part 2 of our interview with Matt Adams you can find out more about how important funding, from various research sources, has been for Blast Theory and about their future plans for leveraging backing from their many local and international supporters.

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