How to build a professional network: From Drawn to Made in Bristol

Today we launch a new set of videos investigating the creative industry landscape in Bristol. These are all very relevant to creatives in the South West, but can also offer useful insights to any non-london based individuals and organisations are the insights and lessons are transferable to similar creative ecosystems across the country.

In this first video we talk to David Bain of Drawn in Bristol:

Bristol David started Drawn In Bristol about 3 ½ years ago. David tells us about the origins of Drawn In Bristol and how this collective is creating a market for itself. This video provides a good example of how to build a professional community and network:

  • share resources such as screen printing,
  • provide an online visibility for all involved,
  • attract customers through numerous showcasing opportunities,
  • people joining and leaving keeps the community alive and interesting.

MyCake would like to thank David Bain of Drawn in Bristol

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