Building Collective Intelligence with the MMM re.volution programme

Today MyCake’s Sarah presented on the theme of building collective intelligence at the first Learning Day as part of the re.volution programme from Mission Models Money.

re.volution is for leaders of the arts and cultural ecology wanting an end to trying to do too much, with too little, too often on their own. The re.volution peer learning network is designed by MMM to support arts and cultural organisations to ‘renew mission, reconfigure business model and revise approach to money’.

This first Learning Day event is titled ‘Recognising Realities‘ asking the question ‘what kind of governance and what kind of leadership do we need for these changing times?’. Sarah’s contribution is a talk on How pooling our data can help build our collective intelligence – slides available here.

MyCake are collaborating with MMM to deliver elements of the evaluation of the re.volution programme.


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