Yes or no to exhibiting at a fair?

With the art fair season coming up soon in London, and new fairs and opportunities coming up all the time for designers, artists, applied artists and all small businesses, how do you decide whether to exhibit at a fair or trade show, and which one to do? Reasons to exhibit at a fair: To make Read the full article…

What do creatives really need to thrive?


In this video we again talk to David Bain of From Drawn in Bristol about what creatives really need next in Bristol to be able to thrive. This is the fifth and final video in our series investigating the creative industry landscape in Bristol. These are all very relevant to creatives in the South West. Read the full article…

How to build a professional network: From Drawn to Made in Bristol


Today we launch a new set of videos investigating the creative industry landscape in Bristol. These are all very relevant to creatives in the South West, but can also offer useful insights to any non-london based individuals and organisations are the insights and lessons are transferable to similar creative ecosystems across the country. In this Read the full article…

Meet the Finance advisors helping the creative industry flourish


Launched across England in September 2014, Creative Industry Finance is a programme designed to assist creative and cultural enterprises in securing the finance and investment needed to develop and grow into sustainable businesses, and is delivered and managed by Creative United. Meet three of the Creative Industry Finance Advisors in this video (filmed by MyCake’s Read the full article…

10th International Forum on Knowledge Asset Dynamics – IFKAD 2015


Call for Abstracts: Is bigger always better? Examining the value and needs of independent freelancers and micro businesses as a key element in the global creative and cultural sector. Submissions of abstracts are invited to this Special Track mentioned above, on the theme of Culture, Innovation and Entrepreneurship to the 10th International Forum on Knowledge Read the full article…

SCOTLAND RE:DESIGNED: Production decisions and market opportunities


Sarah Thelwall unpicks the choices that designers participating in Limited Edition have made. Sarah Thelwall has been in Scotland to catch up with the SCOTLAND RE:DESIGNED team and to look at how their work is presenting opportunities for young designers to reach a larger market via the pop-up store in Ocean Terminal in Leith.