Christmas delicacies

ah, log fires, walks with the dog, strolling by the river, roast dinners … time for a break from work. here’s our contribution to your festive season … actually cake for once.


Parkin – otherwise known as ‘Yorkshire Gingerbread’ though in fact there is no ginger involved.

8 oz wholemeal flour

1/2 tsp salt

1/4 oz bicarbonate of soda

1tsp mixed spice

4oz coarse oatmeal (trust us, better than medium)

6oz soft brown sugar (one grade lighter than molasses sugar)

4oz butter or lard

4oz black treacle or molasses

1/4 pt milk

grease small roasting tin (about 8×10 inches, 2inches deep) and line with silicon paper, set the oven to 180degrees or mark 5

mix all the dry ingredients, melt the fat and treacle then add to the dry ingredients. add the milk

spread into tin & cook for 50 minutes. it’s done when a skewer comes out clean rather than with mix on it. it also comes away from the sides a bit when it’s done


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