Collective sighs of relief at UK tax return completion

On checking my social media feeds last night it was very enlightening to see so many of my peers who are self-employed and freelancing posting updates about having ‘7 minutes to go’ to complete their tax return before the whistle for the deadline was blown at midnight.

There is some great material online at the moment about the dreaded subject of Self-Assessment. I’m sure a lot of people will just be happy to move on from the experience and not think any more of it for another year but if you want to get super organised now is the time to do it.

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Some people can whip up a tax return in no time but most need a helping hand. In this article from PCG, Do you feel confident enough to go through self assessment alone they look at a recent poll of freelancers on which they prefer.

The Guardian Culture Professionals blog ran a live chat on Personal Finance for culture pros they unearthed some good tips on where you should be looking in your accounts to save more money.

And finally Freelance Advisor gathered together tweets for their Self Assessment deadline: the Twitter highlights post.

Hopefully your Self Assessment next year won’t be so taxing.

Author: Lauren Davies, MyCake Marketing Manager @MyCakeFinance


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