Creating different invoice templates for different clients

Did you know that you can have a different template for different clients. Thus if you work across slightly different fields, you can ensure your invoices look professional and appropriate to all your clients.

To do this – you go into:

Then scroll down to ‘PDF Themes’

You then add new to create a new PDF theme to be used for invoices and all the other documents you create automatically in MyCake.
Make sure at this stage to keep your normal invoice template as the default one.


Then to associate this new theme with one of your clients – go into ‘Customers’, select the customer you want to change, then go into ‘options’ and the top of the list is ‘PDF Theme’, which you change to the new theme and save. From now on, any documents generated for that client will have the new theme.


When might you use this:
For example if your logo has a strap line under that says ‘Hand made ceramics’ but you have started a new range of textiles with the same patterns. You can create a new variant of your logo with a new strap line to use with the new clients.

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