Creative Lenses Forum will explore innovative business models in the arts

Times of austerity can foster great art, but have the past few years led to innovation in the business models that support it?

A forthcoming event at Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London will look at exactly that question by exploring business model innovation of independent arts venues and performing arts organisations.

Creative Lenses Forum London

Creative Lenses Forum Innovative business models in the arts 13/10/16 University of the Arts LondonCreative Lenses Forum is part of a four-year European action research project funded by the Creative Europe programme which includes UAL and London-based independent arts venue Village Underground as partners.

It will bring together thinkers and managers from arts and cultural organisations, business and academia and will combine high profile keynotes and panel discussions with practical workshops.

Click here for more information and to book tickets: Creative Lenses Forum

MyCake and business model innovation

This is a topic which is of great interest to MyCake and one we can look at in detail through our Culture Benchmark service.

The Culture Benchmark enables and equips arts and culture organisations to compare their approach to income development, cost management and overall sustainability anonymously and confidentially to others within the culture sector. By using the data that an organisation already collects and stores more effectively, opportunities and ways to attract further support for an organisation’s activities can be identified and pursued with confidence.

Thanks to 5 years of data we collected by Culture Benchmark, our founder Sarah Thelwall wrote an interesting paper on:
Benchmarking non-profit arts organisation business models: what it reveals about innovation in the face of austerity

And here is a link to a datacast video in which Sarah Thelwall and Anamaria Wills discuss arts data from the region of Yorkshire and Humber:

Our blog contains many other analyses of business models in the arts sector.

It will be important for the sector to develop of a range of models, backed by data, that are designed to support sustainability in the arts, but which also recognise the differences between opportunities available to small as opposed to large, venue as opposed to non-venue and London as opposed to non-London, organisations.

If you are an arts leaders or managers we would recommend you take the opportunity to attend the Creative Lenses Forum on the 13th October to step back and ask what innovative business models are emerging in the sector, what is shaping change, and what models your own organisation might develop.

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