Creative Pathfinder: looking after your money

Lateral Action is running an amazing FREE in depth course at the moment ~ Creative Pathfinder ~ offering a very clear and understanding take on professional development for creative people. Each week you receive a lesson in things like motivating yourself, choosing the right career path, managing your workflow, understanding your intellectual property rights, building a reputation, and convincing others of your worth can make or break your career. 

This week, MyCake has contributed a lesson all about managing your money.  Here is an extract to see what is in store:

Many creatives see financial management as the thing they do at the end of the financial year, to fill in the boxes on a tax return. But this is a one-way process of feeding information to the tax office – it’s designed to help the government, not you.

Instead, you need a system that helps you manage your finances simply and quickly. A system that gives you information that helps you run your business better, gives you peace of mind – so that you’re free to focus on more creative things.

Financial management may feel overwhelming, but there are basically just two key activities – recording and analyzing, and the good news is that neither require you to become a master of Excel.

Read more on how to master your money and get some free resources too. 

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