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PaperTrail_Deb BownessStreet location of Paper Trail work by Deb Bowness – HOUSE 2012 commissioned artist

Our marketing and comms manager Lauren has been working in Brighton for two months on a contemporary visual arts event called HOUSE as part of Brighton Festival. She’s been throwing herself into the art scene and the city’s creative networking circuit. From several discussions Lauren’s been having with the creatives in the city it’s become apparent that a lot of people based in the area specifically choose to work part time rather than full time, even on a freelance basis. The reason is so that they have time to concentrate on their own creative activities without the bother of all their time being consumed in work and also I guess so that they can head down to the beach once in a while when the sun is out in the middle of a weekday.

This finding and the experience of Brighton being one of the most expensive places to rent, buy and generally warrant a high cost of living has been making us wonder how creatives make it pay to live in such a way.

If they’re only engaging in paid work part time what are the aspects of their lives that they are having to compromise on? what lengths are they going to to make sure they use their free time creatively and then where will this creative output take them next?

In a recent article on the Guardian Culture Professionals Network blog research suggests Artists are struggling to make ends meet more than ever before. An artist’s income-generating portfolio is said to be a mash up of various commissions both private and public realm, teaching work, selling direct and through fairs, festivals and events as well as community arts.

Sarah will be discussing income streams and will be sharing tips on financial management and ways to increase your sales at a very exciting event coming up in July with The Design Trust.

It’s The Design Trust’s first major event Make it pay the most inspiring, creative and fun event for designers and crafts people around selling yourself and your work. On Saturday 7th July, 10am to 4pm, at The Hub, King’s Cross, London.

For booking please visit Hurry though as this event is proving extremely popular and noone should miss out!

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