Culture Benchmark

What is the Culture Benchmark?

The Culture Benchmark enables and equips arts and culture organisations to compare their approach to income development, cost management and overall sustainability anonymously and confidentially to others within the culture sector.

By using the data that your organisation already collects and stores more effectively, opportunities and ways to attract further support for your organisation’s activities can be identified and pursued with confidence.

We have several resources that you can take a look at, to help you get started with benchmarking:

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Chris Franklin, Finance and Commercial Director at Crafts Council said:

“Here at the Crafts Council we have found the Culture Benchmarking tool a highly useful resource in the strategic planning process. It’s been well worth taking the time to integrate the tool into the way we review all the useful data in our organisation.

Benjamin Cook, Director of LUX arts agency said:

“I had a light bulb moment within five minutes of studying the benchmark.” 


What does it cost?

An annual subscription costs £300.00
(£250 + VAT for a 12 month subscription)

With Culture Benchmark your cultural organisation can use its data and that of other organisations (anonymously) to improve internal decision making and external communications with stakeholders and funders.

Learn more about your organisation’s strengths and weaknesses and develop more effective ways of evidencing the relevance and sustainability of who you are as a cultural provider.

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Special offer single purchase 3 year subscription for £600.00 – benefiting your organisation in the long term.
Still not sure? Send us your enquiry and we will get in touch to tell you more about how it all works.

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We also offer a set of benchmarking research tools that are free to sign up for:

RFO/NPO data Benchmark

Register as a new user and you will receive access to a bespoke version of The Culture Benchmark for national portfolio and regularly funded organisations to be able to crunch the same data you collect for your funders in a variety of dynamic ways for free.

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Charity Benchmark

Sign up to this free research tool for analysis of data from the Charities Commission enabled through an Open Charities initiative.

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