How do I get started?

Once you have completed the sign up now form for the Culture Benchmark and registered your details, the MyCake team will set up your Culture Benchmark account.

Data can be input immediately using the online form. We offer advice and guidance through the getting started process and show you how you can view your data results.

By submitting data through the MyCake secure website, you can compare your own organisational data vs. the average, max, min and top quartile either nationally or by selecting filters for geographic region, size of organisation (in £ or FTE staff), sector as well as a range of other data filters.

The benchmark system is anonymous and confidential, allowing you and your organisation to evaluate all your data with confidence.

View a selection of analysis and insights from existing data results


Abigail Pogson, Chief Executive at Spitalfields Music said:

“We found this a really useful tool for benchmarking. It did confirm things about our business model which otherwise we would not have had confirmed. We used the material as the basis for business planning, and then for writing our NPO bid.”

How To….

Here is a short video from MyCake Founder Sarah Thelwall on how to set up your form to collect data in the Culture Benchmark:

Further Reading

Sarah Thelwall has conducted extensive research into intangible assets in the arts and culture sector, you may like to visit for further reading and resources on the subject.