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FDC Young Designer Award

Fashion Designers and Craft maker’s (FDC) Young Designer Award is launching its registration process for all creatively gifted young people. The award is open to young designers between the ages 15-25 years who can design and produce a flamboyant, cutting edge garment (one look) paying homage to the brilliant fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

Designers who enter this award must have practical and technical experience. Entrant’s completed design will be showcased in a gala event at a Novotel Hotel in London; there are fantastic opportunities for the winners such as an opportunity to showcase a collection in New Jersey Fashion Week and Florida Fashion Expo. Registration takes place during September and October 2011. Email:

Celebration of Young Fashion Designer Award

Young designers between 9-16 years can enter the Celebration of Young Fashion Designer Award this is a slightly easier award for less experienced designers and will suit young people who are into fashion design but do not have much practical and technical experience. Young designers entering this award will be expected to make one design (one look). The winners for this award will automatically be put into the next Young Designer Award.

Young designers can request an application form by stating their age and which award they would like to enter by emailing: please request the application form that is appropriate for age and skills.

Joanna Marcella

07940 647 102

Together Everyone Achieves More

This year’s young award winners have also been offered fantastic opportunities to debut a collection in New Jersey Fashion Week and The Fashion Designers Expo Week based in Florida.

“Fashion Designer Expo Florida” is an exciting Fashion Week designed to show the world new fashion superstars, showcasing the best emerging talent from all over the world, FDE Florida offers the excitement and exposure that emerging fashion talent need, from extravagant runway shows to lavish parties.

Joanna Marcella the founder of the FDC Young Designer Awards says “Our unique selling point is that our event recognises young multicultural design talent and catapults young fashion designers right on to the international fashion stage.”

This year in our young designers category they are being asked to pay homage to the brilliant fashion designer Alexander McQueen by researching his work and take inspiration from deigns that are considered works of art. The young designer awards aims to provide a platform for creative geniuses who are edgy and original and are not afraid to take risks. The event seeks to find future trailblazers who think outside of the box.

Joanna continues “The FDC Young Designer Awards has been growing from strength to strength and our reputation has reached all corners of the globe, any young designer who would to be part of the great project can now apply to come on board”.

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