Don’t forget to look after yourself and your team


It may be true that ‘when the going gets tough, the tough get going’ but this all the more reason to look after yourself and your team. After all there’s no point putting the hours in if you end up too tired to come up with good ideas. Here are a few things to remember to do even during the toughest times (indeed perhaps especially!):

  • Plan for a holiday … you’ll need it. If you’re self employed remember that this means that you’re spending but not earning for the duration of the holiday. You’ll also feel more comfortable taking a holiday if you have work to come back to. Taking a holiday is also a great sign of confidence to your clients. It gives the message that it is business as usual.
  • Nurture your staff … this is true at all times but particularly in a tough climate. It’s an employers market at the moment and staff don’t tend to want to move jobs if they don’t have to but this is different to cultivating loyalty. The bonuses may not be what they have been in the boom years but finding ways to demonstrate that your appreciate their commitment is all the more important. The small gestures get noticed … we particularly like Biscuiteers … the biscuit cards are a brilliant way to say thankyou.
  • Nurture your clients … the same applies here really, find ways to thank them for their business. The good news is that in this climate clients no longer expect lavish dinners so it’s easier to find ways to say thankyou without eating all your profit.

Not only do the above actions make good business sense in both the short and the long term but they set a more pleasant working environment and counter some of the stresses of the current conditions.

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