What is the advantage of the benchmarking functions for the registered users?

Being able to compare your figures with similar businesses and professionals also using MyCake provides further insights to be used in all your business decision making. It’s a built in DIY consultancy function.

I’m only trading part-time or I am also studying is it worth using MyCake?

Start your good habits small and early to learn how to prepare growth, and changes. Beats or works well with the theory of business books and book keeping seminars. It’s practical knowledge.

Do I still need to use an accountant?

Yes you do, and MyCake can help you to work better with an accountant.

Why shall I submit previous years of trading?

So you can easily review your progress with your data in one place.

How about if my business is very different from what I am doing now?

It’s still a valuable exercise to compare how both activities work in terms of finance.

I don’t work in the creative sector but really like MyCake, can I use it?

Sure but have a chat with our User Support Gurus first to see how we can best meet your needs.

I’m now a paying user, how can I remove the Kashflow logo from my invoice template?

Log in to your bookkeeping account in “Settings” go to “INVOICE OPTIONS” then click on “Display Options”, under the Kashflow logo there is a box to un-tick beside “Include KashFlow logo at bottom-right of invoices”. Once that’s done scroll down and click “VIEW & UPDATE” to view your new template and save your settings or click “UPDATE” to save your settings.

What is the minimum requirement to be a MyCake user? (i.e: I’m a really small business with a small turnover)

(Also see question 6) MyCake is for micro/small businesses and sole traders in the Creative Industries sector. Our current users include independent jewellers, artists, consultants, (not-for-profit), partnerships, so all shapes and sizes come to MyCake. You certainly don’t need to be big to use MyCake, however as the first two months of an account are free, you can get used to the system before you start invoicing your first customer or if you are quoting for a big order. You can both quote and invoice from MyCake.

I already have an accountant, why would I need MyCake?

Keeping all your financial information in order and in one central place will help you to work better with your accountant and save you both time and potentially money if you invest in updating your MyCake account on a regular basis.