Getting ahead money

Getting ahead money is an article by Tim Conley for his website Foolish Adventure – a site all about starting and growing a successful online business.

There’s some good advice on how you might want to approach your finances. What do you need to make to pay the bills and make payments each month? How much extra do you want to earn to give yourself a bit of breathing space?

Tim says, “Don’t look for passive income promises…If you want to make a lot of money fast, then you must learn to solve tough problems for others.”

A lot of the advice is about building on your expertise, honing your skills to improve your service each time and start to charge your clients based on your success. When you know you are good your fees should reflect this.

Some food for thought for freelancing artists can also be found in Greg Klerkx’s recent article Price tag for Arts Professional where Greg mentions the current predicament facing artists on what they are prepared to work for and ask for in the climate we are facing at the moment.

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