Has your hourly or daily rate changed in the recession?

We’re sitting here working our way through an analysis of the 2008 and 2009 benchmark data and one of the questions on our mind is whether or not creatives have changed their charge out rates?

The MyCake data indicates some slight changes and in particular the top quartile (the best 25%) show a drop in rate but as MyCake users don’t tend to go in and change their profile information very often we can’t be entirely sure if these changes are just due to new users charging lower rates or existing users changing their profile (we suspect the former!).

So, if you’d like to increase the accuracy of your benchmark information here’s how you change your profile data for an existing or recent year.

  • login as usual to www.mycake.org
  • click on the ‘my data’ link in the top section of the landing page

  • click on the 2010 annual form (where it says ‘click here’ in blue text) which is roughly in the middle of the list

  • scroll down to the bottom of the set of questions to where it says ‘what personal hourly rate do you use in your costings?’ and change the figure if you are now using a different rate

  • when you’ve made all the relevant changes to the profile click on ‘save and send for review’

… and we’ll let you know when your data is approved and you can go in to see how your rate stacks up against others.

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