Highlights from the blog to get you tax return finished

Under a week left to the tax return deadline and if you have already finished yours well done, you can pat yourself on the back and look smug.

For anyone panicking, here are a few blog posts to get you going:

Preparing for your self-assessment tax return in MyCake

Clear instructions by Sarah on how to make sure you have mapped across all you expense types so that the self assessment report works properly.

Car Expenses & Buying hardware … how to represent these in your books

A collaboration with Kirsty Andrew of Frank Alice (a chartered accountant and fine artist) on two tricky topics, car costs like petrol and servicing when it is also used for personal use, and what to do about depreciating the value of capital items e.g. computers, cars etc.

Tax Return made easy

And a very recent blog post from me with a handy flow chart to get you going, and some useful info and links about expenses, invoices, HMRC website and year end complications.

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