How many measures of cultural value can you think of?

This is the challenge released by Dr Claire Donovan on the DCMS Blog series called Priceless? in the post Bring out your measures.

Claire at DCMS wants to hear about and learn from your experience of measuring or capturing cultural value in order to share best practice in the sector and create a list of 100 ways to measure cultural value. It seems its for a similar purpose albeit different approach to the Arts Council‘s recently launched tender to develop accessible and practical guidance on the best research methodologies to use when measuring the economic footprint of the arts, museums and libraries sector.

Here are the measures that Claire is starting the sector off with:

“I will start the ball rolling by listing some methods Phase One of ‘Measuring Cultural Value’ recommended that DCMS could use.

1. Contingent valuation/stated preference techniques
2. Travel cost/willingness to pay
3. Subjective wellbeing”

Between DCMS and Arts Council I expect the list will reach the thousands during the research into various studies and approaches.

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