How to have a great life and a great business

You may be dreaming of starting up a business of your own, but preconceptions about what business is all about discourages you from chasing that dream.  Don’t hesitate any longer! 

To dispel your fears, download and read this free report: How to Have a Great Life and a Great Business (Especially if You’re not the “Business” Type).  And take a look at the special offer we have for you at the end of this post, for an amazing entrepreneurial course.

Written by Brian Clark, the free report is the story of his 12-year journey to where he is at today – the things that led to success, and more importantly, the failures along the way. Here’s what you’ll discover from Brian:

  • Why I quit my cushy law firm job and turned to online publishing.
  • How I failed miserably.
  • How I then succeeded miserably.
  • How I learned my lesson the hard way.
  • The allure of the global microbrand.
  • The rise of the “feeder” business.
  • Why small is beautiful (and powerful).
  • The 37signals approach to market research.
  • Real-life examples of “smartly small” entrepreneurs.

Plus, you’ll get an examination of the 6 critical components of 21st century entrepreneurship:

  • Create (Don’t Compete)
  • Lead (Don’t Manage)
  • Communicate (Don’t be Shy)
  • Automate (Don’t Duplicate)
  • Accelerate (Don’t Stand Still)
  • Succeed (Don’t Stress)

About the Author: Brian Clark is a writer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Lateral Action.

Illustration by Hugh MacLeod


MyCake reader offer

We’re excited to bring you a special offer to Lateral Action’s Entrepreneur Roadmap Course “How to have a great life and a great business”.

Delivered by a poet, a cartoonist, and a writer, the course is based on their experience of having built a multi-million dollar business online with no payroll and practically no overheads.  This course is for Creative freelancers and anyone who wants to the freedom of running your own very small, very profitable business. 

  • MyCake readers will get 20% discount if you sign up as one of the first 300 attendees
  • Registration is open until 6pm BST on Monday 14th June 2010
  • The special price is around £270 ($395 to be exact) instead of £338 ($495)
  • There is an option to make two payments of $210 over two months instead of the special single payment price

Still not sure? Take a look around the blog for more articles from Lateral Action giving insights into the content for this course.

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