Meet the Finance advisors helping the creative industry flourish

Launched across England in September 2014, Creative Industry Finance is a programme designed to assist creative and cultural enterprises in securing the finance and investment needed to develop and grow into sustainable businesses, and is delivered and managed by Creative United.

Meet three of the Creative Industry Finance Advisors in this video (filmed by MyCake’s Sarah Thelwall who is also a CIF advisor):

  • Julia’s interested in ‘what good growth looks like’
  • Graham believes that the basic tenets are the same across all businesses – you need to work out how much money you need (to get started or to grow), what you will spend it on (to grow the business), how much money you will make and thus how you will pay the capital back
  • Creative Industry Finance provides an interesting cocktail of support and loan finance. It is the combination of these that can make a significant difference to businesses
  • Remi authored a guide to music industry finance called ‘Easy Money’. Remi recommends that creative businesses look at all the possible sources of income, have several growth scenarios and remain as flexible as possible about their growth path
  • Remi thinks that loan finance is a good idea when you are really clear how you are going to make money and there is something or someone you need to bring in to achieve that growth.
  • Julia wants to foster a community of ‘the curious and the generous’ to make us all smarter

Apply now for your free 12 hours of buisness advice and access to finance: Creative Industry Finance

Have you already signed up for the scheme? Please tell us why you applied and what you have got out of it so far…

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