join in and sing at Barbican Weekender on 23 & 24 July

Barbican Weekender: Extraordinary Voices on 23 & 24 July 2011

Similar to the crowd at a football match, a song will start with one singer and spread through the crowd then fades as another starts to chant and spread again. Unpredictably and gradually the mood of the Swarm changes as excitement moves into exhilaration, exhilaration into frustration, frustration into despair, despair into prayer. Chaos and anarchy is always a possibility, but so is peace and tranquillity. All this is expressed vocally, sometimes by a strange noise, sometimes in an uplifting tune and sometimes in a choir.

No Previous Singing Experience Needed!

home live art and the Barbican invite you to join one hundred people as they maraud through the Barbican Centre. You will be walking, marching, jostling, running, swarming – as you sing, chant, whisper, shout, laugh, cry and jeer.

Rehearsal dates: Sat 16th July, 11am-5pm, Sunday 17th July, 11am-5pm, Thursday 21st July 7pm-10pm, Saturday 23rd July 11am-2pm. Venue tbc.

Performance dates: Afternoon of Saturday 23rd July and Sunday 24th July (exact timings tbc)

To find out more or confirm your involvement please contact Jenny Beer, Creative Learning Officer at the Barbican Tel. 020 7382 5261

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