Links to the case studies presented in Beirut

This post is really to provide a set of links to the various case studies presented in Beirut to the Bader creative entrepreneurs but of course it’s also a ‘help yourself’ moment for everyone else 🙂

DIY Kyoto – the Wattson energy monitor … and our case study

Sugru – hack things better

Concentrate – products that help children concentrate in lessons … and our case study on them

Doodle bread – fun in the kitchen

Maverick Television – populist programming

The 4IP portfolio of investments – variety, technology, edginess

Chromaroma – fun & commuting … a first! plus some background on Toby Barnes

Hannah Marshall – power dressing and restrained elegance combined … plus the structures of the Centre for Fashion Enterprise and their Director talking about Fashion investing with a summary here

Lightcube – great technology

Bouf – like Etsy but with more established designers and makers (Alex will kill me for saying that but is an easy way to explain this marketplace)

Rattle – bright people with data and the support of Facebook & 4IP

Nothing Grinder – WordPress and beyond, here’s a video



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