Look at our shiny new dashboard!

MyCake dashboard

MyCake dashboard


We’ve been working frantically for the last few weeks on a new dashboard for MyCake users and now it’s live. The goal is to give you an overview of your business the minute you login … a central command centre with snapshots of you, your sector and wider business issues.

The ‘me’ data is just your business, the ‘we’ data benchmarks your data to other MyCake users (anonymously and confidentially as always) and ‘the world’ shows some broader comparisons on topics like hourly rates, VAT registration and is comparing you against the rest of the MyCake user group. Here’s how that all works in reality:

Me data

  • ‘business performance’ section show you how your sales, cost of goods and expenses have varied over the last year
  • ‘key metrics’ section is a snapshot of who owes you money and who you owe

We data

  • ‘my accounts’ you can see how your 2008 data on key income and cost lines compares against the average for all MyCake users

World data

  • in ‘compare my business to others’ you can see how your allocations of people in your business stack up against the average from other MyCake users
  • ‘MyCake user statistics’ section has a set of changing pie charts on topics such as type of company, VAT registration, sector, hourly charging rates etc.

And if all of that doesn’t help your quest for financial enlightenment then of course there is a link to MyCake blog’s most recent posts, the detailed benchmarking bulletins on the ‘my data’ page and your business benchmarking profile.

We’re excited by it, we’ve already had (unsolicited) positive feedback from users within two hours of launch but we’d love to know what you think of it – comment below or email to sarah@mycake.org.

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