Meet Liz newest member of the MyCake clan

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What do you do at MyCake?

I am the MyCake User Support Guru… I wear a cape and my pants on the outside to help you out of any tricky situations you might find yourself in with MyCake. I offer 1:1s to new users during their trial period and am at the end of the ether (which sounds further away than it is) to answer questions over email.

What are your areas of professional expertise?

In my other life (when I wear a pair of black, thick rimmed glasses), I’m a Choreographer, Writer, Artistic Programmer and Arts Project Manager. I often run several projects at a time and am experienced in juggling many tasks. I love working collaboratively. Writing and movement are my passions as well as facilitating artists and others to fulfil their potential. That’s what draws me to MyCake – the simpler your ‘back office’ is, the more time you have to be creative!

Have you got a top tip/piece of advice for running a creative business smoothly?

Do what you love and love what you do. Believe you can make a success (and money) from your creative endeavours. Outsource the things that hurt your head, but don’t by-pass learning a bit about them first.

What’s your favourite cake?

I’ve more of a savoury than sweet tooth, although I’m partial to the odd slice of lemon drizzle – with lots of drizzle!

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