Mid week MyCake: Boost business and income before Christmas

Ok so there are five weeks to go before the Christmas holidays. Still plenty of time to boost business and increase your income before Christmas. You just need to get your priorities in order. (Maybe you’ll want to reorder these to suit your business and the time/budget you have available but this is what we suggest).


Create some Ads


A little bit of online advertising – it is now extremely easy, with a bit of time spent planning and prepping, to set up a series of online ads across Google and social media for your business products and services often at a low investment cost to your business. A £100 advertising budget can go quite far when set up and monitored effectively.

Use Google Adwords to boost sales – The best scenario for using and making the most of Google Adwords is to have the website pages with your business products and services on already set up with tracking codes from Google Analytics. This means you can gain heaps of insight on what works in terms of attracting people to the information on your products and services as well as the difference between making a sale or not. Google offer a lot of free support to people starting out with Google Adwords check out their AdWords online classroom. Start off with running a few ads maybe 3-4 to experiment with what works best for you.

There are options in Facebook to Promote your page and grow your audience base through setting up small ads. There is an emphasis on using an eye catching image with ads and offers on Facebook. There’s an overview of Facebook Advertising to help you get started if you don’t have a page set up.

Create offers on Facebook – as well as boosting a business page or individual page posts Facebook allows users to create discount offers and set up vouchers for potential customers to claim. Read How do I create an offer from my page?

Twitter has recently been pushing it’s Twitter Ads tools for UK small business use, we don’t know much more about the potential for this for your business you’ll need to read up on the subject but there is soon to be a webinar on 5 December 2013 2pm – 2.30pm so sign up for twitter ads and tune in if you want to find out more. You should receive an email from twitter about the webinar.


Seek advice


Some great advice on How to get more traffic to my website or online shop from Patricia at The Design Trust. Also check out all the great tweets over the coming weeks from @TheDesignTrust with the hashtag #CreativeChristmasmarketingtip

You could also seek out the Enterprise Nation pop-up business events starting next week in London. Offering access to free workspace and a variety of workshops including how to create a business plan in your lunch hour and the chance to attend a free Christmas party on Thursday 19th December. Find out more about membership here.


Save & sell


Making savings – If you are a MyCake customer you can benefit from money off your annual licence by getting involved in our ‘my referrals’ initiative. Where if you tell us who needs a slice of MyCake on the referrals form in your MyCake account, and your referral becomes a paying customer, we knock £20 off the price of your licence when you next renew. We’ve been running the scheme for 12 months now and we have seen one very proactive customer earn themselves a discount saving them ££’s.

Get any tax over payments back earlier than in January – If you file your self-assessment form now then you may be able to get any rebates owed to you back in time for Christmas and the new year. You can use this to invest or keep cashflow buoyant. Check out our post on Things to do with a tax rebate.

Take stock of your assets – if you have something of value that you are not making use of why not sell it to bring in a bit more money? Do a stock-check of your home and office or studio and see if you can sell old mobile phones, computer equipment and software, CDs, Books, DVDs, and whatever else you can find. Either sell online through Ebay or specialist sites or take along to CeX.


Forecast your income


Planning ahead – read our post from the archive asking Do you have enough income to enjoy Christmas and the January sales? maybe you are going to be better off than you think you are.

We hope this advice has been useful. Let us know in the comments below.

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