MyCake ~ a few tweaks to book-keeping service

There are a number of tweaks and improvements for MyCake users of the online book-keeping software:

New fonts for invoices

Tahoma, Verdana and Courier New have been added to the list. In Settings -> Invoice Options -> Display Options, you get to chose the font used on your invoices and other PDF documents.

Postcodes with customer name

Following requests for the ability to include postcodes in the drop-down list of customers (ie, the list shown when you choose a customer or a new invoice) it has been added as an option. Go to Settings -> Advanced Settings and enable the option labelled “Show Post Code in Customer List”. The feature will soon be upgrading to offer a range of other display options.

Manage your list of payment types

You’ve always been able to edit the list of different methods that use to pay for your purchases – ie cash, cheque, credit card. For incoming payments from your customers the list has always been fixed. This wasn’t too much of a problem as the list contained most methods of payment you’d expect. But it’s nice to be able to remove methods you never use. So you can now edit the list of incoming payment methods. Click “Settings” and then choose “Payment Methods”.

Improved layout for settings page

There are so many different settings available that it was becoming problematic to quickly find the setting you are looking for. To improve this, the Settings page has been broken down into the following sections: Your Account, Lists, Configuration Settings and finally External Services.  We hope this will make the Settings more manageable.

Priting labels

When viewing a customer or an invoice you’ve always had the option to quickly print either a C5 or DL envelope. You can now use the new option to print a Dymo label.

Changing account codes on multiple transactions at once

If you’ve accidentally recorded a large number of transactions against the wrong code then it can be a real pain to manually edit each one. So there is a new feature to let you do this very quickly. Run a Trial Balance, Profit & Loss or Balance Sheet report. Click on the name of the code containing the offending transactions. You’ll see a list of all transactions against this code for the date range specified. Next to each transaction is a tick box. Tick the transactions you want to move (or use the box at the top of the page to select all) Then at the bottom of the page, from the “Action” drop down list, choose the option to reallocate the transactions. You’ll be taken to a page where you can select which code to reallocate the transactions to.

Converting bank transaction to receipts / automatic code change

If you have a transaction in your bank account for money going out you can convert this to a receipt (or a Purchase Invoice in accountant-speak). If the bank transaction is assigned to the code “Other” then it will be automatically changed to the suppliers default Outgoing Type. This feature can be enabled or disabled in Settings -> Advanced Settings.

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