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MyCake are specialists in reviewing non-profit business models, comparing current performance to the sector in which you operate. We recognise that by their very nature many non-profits and social enterprises are working in tough economic and social contexts. This means that our approach needs to take account of these in the way benchmark your current position looking at your turnover level, types of customers, audiences and service users, and wider sectoral economic context. Such work is often developed with the client to arrive at a bespoke solution.

MyCake can help you rethink your approach to income development, cost management and financial resilience.

If as a first step you want to get your own financial data into better shape by bringing your book-keeping activities in house you can sign up for a Kashflow account with a two month free trial.

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My Cake is brilliant. It is well designed, really easy to use with clear instructions. Any queries are dealt with straight away and the information sheets on creative practices are so helpful. It has transformed my accounts at the community centre and invoicing is a pleasure now! 

Aly Smith – Artist/Community Engagement/Accounts

I had a lightbulb moment within five minutes of studying the benchmark.

Benjamin Cook Director, LUX

Here at the Crafts Council we have found the MyCake benchmark tool a highly useful resource in our strategic planning process. It’s been well worth taking the time to integrate the tool into the way we review all the useful data in our organisation.

Chris Franklin, Finance & Commercial Director, Crafts Council

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