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Back in March we attended The Startup Showcase at Somerset House hosted by School for Creative Startups. We had the pleasure of catching up with a member of the MyCake community Jim Rokos of ROKOS Design at his very stylish product stand in the showcase exhibition area. We had fun watching event guests swirl the wine around in Jim’s very cleverly designed decanter (pictured at the foot of this post).

Here is more about Jim, his business and how he uses MyCake for his finances below:

Business name

Location: London
Year you started in business?
First exhibition:100% Design 2011
Ltd company formed August 2012

What one thing are you most proud of in the way you run your business? 

Our exceptional customer service, which is fast and personal.

Tell us about the little things that make your small business look big and run smoothly. 

Small business? Us? ‘Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…‘. Our website would suggest a larger company than we actually are. In emails and tweets, we write ‘we’ rather than ‘I’. We won the Red dot product design award, which is normally won by much larger global companies. Whilst it is good for the larger retailers to believe we are larger, I wonder if it is actually more attractive to the individual customer and smaller shop to feel that they support a smaller business, rather than a giant.

How has MyCake helped you to manage your finances?

It is great for generating receipts and invoices for our customers and very helpful by letting us know when a customer has a bill that is due. We list the separate methods that we take payments as different bank accounts, so it is very clear which systems take most finance and we can easily account for the charges that each of these systems takes. Our accountant can access our books remotely and he can keep an eye that everything has been entered in the right place.

How have you found the support provided by MyCake?

The phone support was very friendly and supportive. The basics are explained and my remaining questions were answered. I needed an accountant and Mycake gave me a recommendation, who we now work with.

Further information about Rokos:

+44 (0)2075897934

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