MyCake launches MyCake Inspires

We’re very excited at MyCake to show off our first MyCake Inspires videos. Call it icing or cherry on the cake, this is really about having some useful fun. Our videos are one-take (un)wonders where we talk about subjects that matter to us and we hope to you.

But there won’t be any fun if you don’t join in! What are you most proud in the way you run your business? Tell us about the little things that make your small business look big and run smoothly. We’re interested in how you can make business inspiring because we believe that’s what you’re good at.

The brief is to keep the MyCake community inspired to do serious business and have some fun along the way. So go on watch the video and just talk to us about you.

Some basic rules to make your MyCake Inspires Video:

  • use your camera phone
  • do it in one take (but do it several time until you’re happy with it)
  • keep it short: about 1 minute
  • send us a copy or a url to your favorite video channel
  • remember it does NOT have to be perfect!
  • don’t forget to give us a link to your own website

In our first MyCake Inspires video Marion, who’s MyCake user support Guru, talks about buying products from independant designers in relation to the Source function in Mycake.



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