Be nice to your space!

Have you got space in your community centre?   Do you use it all?  Or is there a room at the back, maybe a little damp (’cause

Community Guide to Room Hire;  Power to Change / MyCake

Power to Change / MyCake

you don’t keep the heater on) that’s sitting there, lonely, with no one to play in it? Just a little sad round the edges, and slighly neglected with perhaps a coffee stain on the carpet in one corner? Go on, give it a chance to shine;  host a kid’s party, be the place that people come together to help each other – make it work for you.

Together with Power to Change, MyCake has produced a Community Business Guide to Room Hire, and some of the insights are particularly interesting when you look at the size of the organisations that are renting out rooms, and the way that those community businesses are making money.

First off,  if you’ve never rented out rooms in your community centre (and have the opportunity to), the chances are you’ve either only just started, or you’re not turning over a lot of money.  In the guide, we’ve noticed that the larger your organisation, the less you are likely to still be renting out space – or at least it won’t be a big part of your income stream any more

But those larger organisations have diversified their delivery and have developed consultancy streams, and are probably selling services on.   These are the higher value services that as a community business you might be hoping to develop, where there is stable, long-term income that’s based on what you do, rather than what you sell. And if that service is added to some space that you have, then this sustainability is even better underpinned.

So, as a small community business, what can you do to add value to your space, and deliver even more to your community (and to some of the organisations that also might have a bit of money to pay for it)?

Our guide to room hire also gives you the opportunity to benchmark how much you are charging for the rental of your space.  Obviously, pricing needs to reflect the community that you’re serving, but it’s worth having a look at the benchmark in the guide to find out just how far adrift you might be from the norm.  And also to have a think about whether all your hirers actually need to pay the lowest price.

for more information, download the guide – you can find it here:


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