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If you listened to all the business advisors recommendations of books & strategies you’d never get to the bottom of the pile. Personally there’s only so much of that stuff I can handle and I’ve rather reached the ‘tastes good but I couldn’t eat a whole one’ stage.

There are however lots of non-business books & dvd’s that are full of insights and inspiration in a business context….here are a few of my favourites:

-The Salaried Masses, Siegfried Kracauer – it’ll remind you why you don’t want to be an employee 🙂

– The years with Ross, James Thurber (a book about the editor of the New Yorker Harold Ross, a book about how all these creatives worked together)

– First you have to row a little boat, Richard Bode

– Flatland, Edwin A Abbott

– Rock’n’Roll, Tom Stoppard

– I don’t mean to be rude but, Simon Cowell

– Murder in Samarkand, Craig Murray

– Feel, Chris Heath

– Air Guitar, Dave Hickey

– The Alphabet vs. the Goddess

– The Mastership Game, Scott McBain

– The Marketing Plan (a pictoral guide for managers), Malcolm McDonald & Peter Morris

– The New Great Game, Lutz Kleveman

and just for good measure a few films/dvds:
– I’m your man (Leonard Cohen)

– Man on Wire

– Searching for the Wrong Eyed Jesus (Jim White)

– Legally Blonde

– The Corporation

– Rize

– Basquiat

– Enron

– McLibel

– Walmart

– Bull Durham

– The Fog of War

– An Inconvenient Truth

– Big Wednesday/Riding Giants

What would you add???

2 thoughts on “Non-business books & films

  1. Working Girls the film! Melanie Griffiths masterminds and re-invents herself…

    And any book by Malcolm Gladwell – not sure if they’re considered ‘business texts’ but The Tipping Point, Blink, and Outliers are all about the social science of success!

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