This is not just bookkeeping this is MyCake bookkeeping: so what are the benefits?

There are definitely benefits to choosing MyCake for your bookkeeping needs beyond generating invoices and logging receipts…

A good robust bookkeeping system can help you use your financial information to help you better understand how your business is working.

MyCake can help you or your accountant ask questions like:

  • Who are our key clients?
  • Are there products which sell well at particular times of the year or to particular types of clients?
  • If we better understood our customer’s buying habits could we upsell them new things?
  • Are there particular clients who are bad payers and who need managing more actively?

Our belief at MyCake is that financial management is something that will help you build your business (rather than just a chore we do for the sake of the tax office!).

If you’d like to find out more about mastering the money side of your creative business, you could buy a copy of The Creative Money Manual or book a session with one of our MyCake support gurus – we are happy to talk with you about ways in which you can get more out of your subscription.

This month we are also running free tax efficiency review sessions with our friends at The Wow Company for ten customers to take advantage of. The benefits of bookkeeping with MyCake are endless.

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