Offer to Hidden Art members

Free Business Consultation offer to Hidden Art members
MyCake is offering all Hidden Art members a free one-to-one financial management consultation worth £100 if you sign up for an annual subscription to our online book-keeping and benchmarking service before 31st March 2010.  You don’t have to wait for your free trial to end or for your renewal date if you are an existing MyCake user.

If you’re making plans for 2010 or reviewing your business then this offer is perfect for you.  Your meeting will be with our own Sarah Thelwall, business development consultant for the creative industries. Sarah’s particularly keen in ensuring that creative folks match their business models to their personal business style and to the stage and structure of growth they intend to reach.

The offer is open to all who wish to take out an annual subscription.  The subscription will start from your normal free trial end date or your renewal date.

The annual subscription fee of £137.50 plus VAT ~ and you get a month free when you choose to make an annual payment instead of monthly payments.  Plus if you are a Hidden Art Level 2 member, you can use your support voucher towards payment, of up 50% of the final cost up to £100 making the annual payment just £68.77 excluding VAT.

Here’s how to get the offer if you’re new to MyCake, or have a free trial or if your trial has expired

Sign up for an account, making sure you select Hidden Art from the list of ‘facilitator groups’ and arrange a payment before the 31 March 2010.

Here’s how to get the offer if you’re a paying user of MyCake

Sign into your account and click ‘Extend Subscription’ on the dashboard, then select ‘annual payment’. If the extend subscription button is not visible on your dashboard it’s because you’re not within 3 months of renewal so instead email and she’ll take you through it manually.

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