Percy’s Beirut blog – the social side of things

MyCake is working with the British Council and NESTA to deliver the series of workshops for creative entrepreneurs here in Beirut and that means that Percy Emmett is delivering the NESTA toolkit (in the UK it runs under a couple of brand names … Insight Out and Starter for Six). Unsurprisingly Percy is blogging as well and fortunately we have quite different topics we’re going to cover. Here on the MyCake blog you’ll find that my posts are ruminations on the business challenges faced by creative entrepreneurs in Beirut with the intention to show the similarities and differences to the challenges of creatives in the UK.

Percy on the other hand is mostly writing about what it is like for us to live here for a month …. the challenges of learning to get around the city, navigate the supermarket etc etc. If you’d like to see both sides of the coin here’s his blog.

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