Top advice for starting a pop-up space?

This is the fourth videos in our series investigating the creative industry landscape in Bristol. These are all very relevant to creatives in the South West, but can also offer useful insights to any non-london based individuals and organisations are the insights and lessons are transferable to similar creative ecosystems across the country.


In this video we talk to Simone Kidner of Colab:

We met with Colab founder and director Simone Kidner. Colab sits right in the commercial centre of Bristol. Simone started as pop-up shop before going for a longer-term lease. We like how her enthusiasm is followed by practical advice. So if you are about to commit for commercial premises this is what you should ask yourself:

  • What is it that I will want to keep when I move on or out?
  • What activity or equipment is going to pay for itself?
  • What is going to be covered by grant funding?
  • What business structure do I need behind a mixed-use space (in this example: training space + studio space + gallery + retail)

MyCake would like to thank Simone Kidner and Marion Gillet

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