MyCake Products & Pricing

MyCake offers two tools, one if you are a creative business and one if you are an arts organisation. Choose your tools and sign up below:

MyCake Bookkeeping

For creative entrepreneurs

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MyCake is an online bookkeeping and benchmarking service for creative professionals and small creative businesses. more info

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An annual subscription costs £189.90 (£158.25 + VAT at 20% to UK customers) for 12 month subscription.

You can also pay monthly for a very affordable £15.13 +VAT per month to allow you to manage your money simply and easily!

Culture Benchmark

For arts & culture organisations

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The Culture Benchmark enables and equips arts and culture organisations to compare their approach to income development, cost management and overall sustainability anonymously and confidentially to others within the culture sector. more info

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We also have several free tools for arts and culture organisations to help with research and data analyasis – Sign up below

Free RFO/NPO Benchmark tool
Free Charity Benchmark tool