Be Smart About Art: What do creative professionals need to know about finance? Tonight 8pm

Be Smart About Art runs a series of free online sessions called Second-Wednesday Webinars. They cover essential knowledge for professionals working in the arts sector and are given by specially chosen experts.

Tonight’s webinar will be given by our very own Sarah Thelwall and will address the question What do creative professionals need to know about finance?

In the art world post-recession, many individuals and organisations have developed a focus on making a living from art unlike ever before.

With funding bodies increasingly reticent to hand out cash willy-nilly and art buyers dithering for long periods of time before committing to purchases, artists and dealers are taking a long, hard look at the long-term sustainability of creative practices.

In this webinar, the following areas will be covered:

  • How to finance an art career with DIY;
  • Understanding best practices for keeping finances in order;
  • Strategies for recovering from an all too common fear of money;
  • The importance of understanding the phrase: “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity and cash is reality”;
  • The types of outside financing available to art businesses – and what you need to have ready to get access to such funding;
  • Other essential aspects of finances for art businesses.

This session will be moderated by BSAA Founder Susan Mumford, and we will be joined by Finance for Creatives expert Sarah Thelwall, Director of MyCake finance.

The talk will last an hour, with 40 minutes of talk and 20 mins reserved for questions from the audience.

Instructions to attend:

A few minutes prior to the event at 8pm this evening, go to The video image on the page will hyperlink to the live event. Simply click the image and you will be be onboard for the webinar – where you can not only watch, but also participate by asking your own burning questions. We look forward to seeing you then!

In case you are unable to attend, the full-length video will be available on the above page for 24 hours after the webinar has taken place (until 9pm on 15th March 2014).

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