Sorry to hear about the dis-investment by ACE, how can we help?

Ok, so it’s easy to congratulate the winners from the ACE NPO review but the next question is how do we help those who are on the blunt end of the dis-investment?

Well, the Culture Benchmark can certainly help you explore the business models of organisations in your sector, region and of a similar size who do not receive ACE funding so that you can see what mix of alternate income streams they have built. There are roughly 50,000 non-profit arts organisations in the UK but only about 800 ACE RFO’s so there is certainly life without ACE!

No doubt you’ll be beavering away in excel building alternative financial models so that you can work out both best and worst case scenarios and become clearer on what cuts you might have to make over the next 12 months in order to be in a sustainable position as of March 2012. Again, there may be value in using the Culture Benchmark as an additional tool to help in this scenario building. Of course you might not be in the mood to spend £250 + VAT on a subscription so if you’re looking for free resources we’re of the opinion that the best source is the Charity Commission website and in this scenario at least we’d avoid using the ACE RFO survey results .. the former has a broad data set, the latter too narrow a sample to be useful in this case.

If you have individual questions we can answer for you or there are topics/questions that you’d like to see a blog post responding to then do drop us a line and we’d be happy to discuss and to add it to our editorial plan for the blog.

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