Success Guide to Lettings

It’s not always easy for community businesses to get their hands on the kind of detailed financial data that helps build a business case, and getThe Community business success guide to lettings an important local service up and running. Unlike businesses in the private sector, local groups often only have minimal access to information,
advice and inaccurate financial data on income generation to support their planning and goal setting. This often means starting from scratch, using good judgment, and peer advice where they can get it.

The latest Success Guide to Lettings published by Power to Change givse some excellent step by step suggestions as to how to make more money from the lettings side of your community business, or how to make the most of your community building in order to run a more sustainable business.  All the Power to Change Success Guides are based on benchmark analysis of the Profit and Loss data of community businesses across England, and give resilient information about how the best and the up and coming community businesses address their finances.

For more information on the Success Guide to Lettings from Power to Change, click here.

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