summer time: have fun making savings for your business

Whilst the summer sales are in full swing, here are a few ideas on making a little cash go a long way and using tenacity to make savings for your business:


  • pinch every penny – scour sales for bargains looking for ex display items, bulk offers on staples such as computer paper and look for managers specials on equipment
  • meet clients for coffee instead of lunch or dinner
  • summer is car boot and garage sale time – spend a fun weekend touring an area looking for bargains


  • trim down your travel and hold video conference calls – try Powwownow or Conference Genie
  • smart meters can really help you become aware of how much power you are using – for a stylish option look at Wattson from DIY Kyoto
  • can you lower your bill costs – use these sites for comparing energy providers
  • phones and messaging – if you’re online a lot (from your laptop, PC or mobile) take a look at communicating over the internet – some examples are Skype for internet calls, Palringo for instant messaging using pictures and voice as well as text, and Truphone for internet calls on your mobile


  • reward points on business spending – air miles, airline miles, cash back, loyalty vouchers


  • check out Freecycle and your local Gumtree for deals in your local area – as well as looking you can post up items you are looking for
  • reuse envelopes and recycle your materials where ever possible
  • don’t walk past a skip without taking a peak – odd furniture can be reused and remodelled for business use but remember to ask skip hirer or building contractor for permission to remove items before you load up your car – otherwise it is theft
  • summer is car boot, garage and jumble sale time – spend a fun weekend touring an area looking for bargains
  • got space in your studio, a spare room or parking space – turn it into money by renting


  • barter for professional services, website development, gadgets, art materials and stationery but do remember you’ll need to pay taxes, including VAT  if registered, on a fair market value of the exchange.  Look at U-Exchange, Gumtree and local business networking groups
  • students are looking for experience, can you offer a summer job or internship in exchange


  • don’t just save your technique for the insurance company, haggle where ever you can from high street to suppliers – do your research on the item you want and bring proof of a cheaper offer elsewhere, or if the shop is quiet and you look like the only buyer, ask for discount or something extra thrown in. Be realistic about your offer and haggle in good humour and with confidence

Finally, consider what you could delegate and hire freelancers for projects of any size, freeing up your time for important money earning tasks – here are just a few sites we’ve heard about Elance, FreelanceSwitch, and People per Hour.

Do you have more saving tips of your own or recommendations and information on services?  Please add a comment below.

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