Are you sweating your assets?

One of the truisms about comedy around, well, almost anything really is that it must be based in fact.  Buzzwords, and phrases that useAsset Management Guide Culture Hive them – like sweating your assets – really do come from a place of business sense;  and not just the sensible play of buzzword-bingo in the hour-too-long management meeting after lunch on a Friday that is badly summing up things you knew already.

We can’t help you much with the tedium that creates buzzword-bingo in your own world- but we can help when it comes to working out what to do with your assets, how to stop them deteriorating and, well what an asset is in the first place.  Every business and social enterprise has them (and probably more than you think!)

MyCake Director Sarah Thelwall has been working with Patrick Towell from Golant Media Ventures  to create a guide to Asset Management.  It’s worth reading.  Get your copy here: Asset Management link at AMA Culture Hive

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